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Gaston College’s Pres. Skinner receives ‘superior’ evaluation

Staff Writer

Strong communication skills, dynamic leadership and leading Gaston College to its re-accreditation last month were among the reasons the community college’s president, Patricia Skinner, was given a “superior” rating on this year’s evaluation.
Gaston College Board of Trustees Chairman Stephen Campbell was in charge of compiling the reviews other board members submitted to come to a general consensus on Skinner’s score.
The 1-to-5 based scale was sent to each member of the board, where they anonymously selected an appropriate rating for Skinner in various categories, such as policy direction and advocating for the college.
Campbell also took into consideration the comments jotted down on each application.
“It was more than just assigning a number for her,” Campbell told the Times-News Thursday. “I assessed the comments too, and collectively decided what her overall rating should be. And collectively, we chose her to be superior.”
The 17-year Gaston College president has worked with Campbell for most of her years at the college, and has received various high ratings over the years, Campbell assures and credits to the changes she has made to the college since she took the position in the late ‘90s.
“She set a new standard here, and the progress we’ve made since her arrival has been phenomenal,” Campbell said.
Expanded number of campuses, new buildings and notable scoring on being accredited as a community college have all resulted from her time at the school. Every five years, community colleges across the state are up for renewal of being an accredited establishment, if they pass the review. This year, Gaston College was said to have no recommendations for improvement and did well during the process.
Last year, Skinner was chosen as the President of the Year out of the 58 community college officials in the state — an impressive accomplishment, Campbell noted.

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