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Warning: Calls about missed jury duty a scam

Managing Editor
If someone calls you about fees related to missing jury duty and wants money to help you, get as much information as you can from them, then call the Sheriff’s Office to report them.
According to Lincoln County Clerk of Courts Fred Hatley, at least 11 individuals have reported calls from scammers pitching this ruse over the last week.
The callers claim that a list posted at the courthouse includes the name of the person receiving the call, supposedly for failing to show up for jury duty. It’s too late to show now, the callers say, and a $500 fine is in order. But, for a lesser sum, the caller offers to make the problem go away.
Hatley said the entire scheme is false. The courts do not post such a list of those called for jury duty. He suspects the scammers are simply taking names out of the phone book.
As far as he knows, no one has actually for fallen for the ruse so far. But Hatley said he wanted to get the word out for people to be careful and encouraged anyone getting the call to contact the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

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