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Reader’s Forum 6-25-12


Supporting Curtis in N.C. Senate runoff


I am writing in support of Dr. David Curtis in the July 17 run-off election for the N.C. Senate, and recommend Lincoln County citizens honor him with their vote.

As to his opponent, I have no issues or negative concerns with Sen. Chris Carney.

In contrast, I had the great personal honor of assisting Dr. Curtis during the initial campaign for this seat, and during that time I was able to learn a good deal as to the personal character and principles of this fine individual.

Dr. Curtis is a local businessman and has been responsible for developing budgets and operating within the economic burdens and conflicts of living within his budget.

He conducts his eye care business under the pressures of serving patients and hiring employees while witnessing first hand the cost to these individuals, and to small businesses, of the economic and regulatory burdens imposed by state government policies and laws.

He operates this business in line with state-mandated requirements and understands the people required to support the state demands are more than mere faceless taxpayers, they are individuals with needs and desires of their own and of their families.

The understanding of the impact of state government on each individual citizen will be the principle element of any action he may take when in the Senate.

Over many years, Dr. Curtis’ deep commitment to the Christian beliefs of service to others and personal responsibility is evident in his frequent medical missions to overseas locations and visits to needy individuals in this country.

During these missions, he provides otherwise unavailable care for individuals who are in critical need of treatment for severe vision problems. He makes these trips at no expense to those he treats but at significant personal expense to himself when he is absent from his local business.

During the initial primary campaign he spent a tremendous amount of time traveling throughout Lincoln County meeting door-to-door with as many voters as possible.

This commitment to personal contact with the voters indicates the attention that will characterize his service to our citizens if he is honored with our vote in the runoff.

Dr. Curtis will function as a true conservative citizen-legislator and is not looking on this election as the first step to a life as a career politician.

In conclusion, I will describe Dr. Curtis with a title which was at one time the highest description of a man, but which unfortunately has fallen from use.

He completely meets the character and behavior traits worthy of being called a true ‘Gentleman’.

Tom Hawk,


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