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No bread tastes like Mama’s

Guest columnist

Father’s Day is always special at our house.
This past weekend we doubled our pleasure with a birthday celebration for our son. His birthday is not for several weeks, but since he’s seldom home when the day comes, I ordered an early birthday cake.
His visits are getting farther and farther apart as the six-hour drive from Brahamsville, Va., to Lincolnton seems to take its toll as we all age, but he manages to make the trip for Father’s Day.
We look forward to holidays as we know he will try to come home. And when the children come home I always plan a special supper trying to remember their favorites.
I never tire of seeing my family around the kitchen table. They reach for the bread and repeat the compliment that “no bread tastes like Mama’s.”
This year they had home-grown tomatoes to put on their biscuits.
It doesn’t bother me that I wear my pride like a new dress when I talk about my children. Their success in the business world, personal accomplishments and creating their own loving family for their children and grandchildren make us very happy.
We count our blessings and with each new addition the numbers add up. We have just added another new family member, a tiny baby girl who brings lots of joy to all of us.
We did nothing that countless other parents didn’t do for their children. We probably had little or less money than most parents when they were growing up. But when they came home from school, I was waiting on them and usually getting supper ready for the table. Country living offered us many cost-free fun things to do.
They remember them well and when we get together there’s lots of laughter as they take turns reminding me of all the things they did that I didn’t know about.
They never talk about the mistakes we made as very young parents. We get lots of love and respect. It has turned us into smug old folks.
Just as living in a neighborhood today with caring folks around the circle. Our front porch is the popular place to be in these late summer evenings.
We enjoy having friends stop in when driving by. Whether they come by car, golf cart or a walk up the street, there are always extra chairs available.
Everyone is welcome and opinions required.
Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Times-News.

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