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Masked gunman robs couple in their home


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Deputies are on the hunt for a masked man who broke into a northeastern county home, pointed a gun at an elderly couple and threatened to kill them.

A couple was inside their residence on the 3500 block of Goodson Road near Pumpkin Center, reading their Bible around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, when a masked man dressed in all black entered the house, using a gun to demand money and prescription medication from the couple, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

The “slender-built” man, also decked out in a ski suit, gloves and ski boots, grabbed some pills and fled the property into a nearby wooded area, deputies said. Before escaping, he told the couple he would kill them if they called 911, according to Lt. Tim Johnson, head of the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division.

“The gunman told the couple not to call the police for 15 minutes,” he said in the release, “or he would come back and kill them. That gave the suspect a 30 minute head-start on the officers.”

The elderly woman petitioned the gunman to read the Bible instead of commit crimes, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Johnson noted that after the man fled, one of the residents first called family then alerted the Communications Center of the incident, quickly drawing deputies to the home.

A North Carolina Department of Corrections tracking dog searched the area for the masked man, leading deputies to a vehicle parked on Ivey Church Road, where they also unsuccessfully scoured a barn, the release said.

Deputies reminded residents to keep their burglar alarms activated at all times of the day.

“It’s sad, but in today’s society, it’s not always safe to be in your own home with doors unlocked or open,” Lt. Johnson said.

He said the couple did not have their alarm set or doors locked at the time of the alleged invasion.

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