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Aletheia wins softball championship

Courtney Ewing (playing third base) of Denver Dazzle anticipates a ball hit by Alexandria Helms (pictured) of Aletheia in Sunday’s championship game.

The Lincoln County Women’s Softball League had its end-of-season tournament this past weekend at the East Lincoln Park in Denver. This year’s league consisted of eight teams that started in April and concluded this past weekend.  At the beginning of the season, the county hosted a pre-season tournament to kick-off this year’s regular season with Aletheia edging out Dazzle for the championship.  This past weekend was no different, as these two teams collided for three more great games.  The sixth seed Dazzle beat the second seed Aletheia in the second round of the winner’s bracket which sent Aletheia to the loser’s bracket and made for a long day and a lot of games for the pre-season champs.  However, Aletheia made a great run in the loser’s bracket including a thriller game with the top seed Black Diamonds, to force a re-match of the pre-season championship.  Aletheia was able to pull off two victories against Dazzle to claim their second title of tournament champions. All-Tournament selections were from the Black Diamonds:  Leslie Auton, Donia McDonald; from Denver Dazzle: Sonny Marthers, Leslie Leith, Stephanie Wicks; from Aletheia:  Alexandria Helms, Brenda Jensen, Barbie Overcash and Tournament MVP Nicole Cox. Lincoln County asks if anyone is interested in playing in our women’s or co-ed league this coming fall to please contact Shane Huss at 704-748-1518 for more details.

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