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Sheriff’s auction raises more than $6K for Lincoln County schools

Staff Writer
The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office raised more than $6,000 last week following an auction of unclaimed property, some of which had been stored at the law enforcement headquarters for more than a decade.
It was the first time in a number of years that the agency has held such an auction, Sheriff David Carpenter said.
Bidders purchased a variety of items Tuesday including four-wheelers, dirt bikes, lawn mowers and other items abandoned throughout the county, the Sheriff’s Office said.
Carpenter said most people remain unaware that their property is ever recovered, even after the department runs ads in the paper.
If never auctioned off, he said most of the items would “rot into the ground.”
“This is the only way to dispose of it from our property,” he added.
Last week’s event raised $6,675. Carpenter said the law requires all money raised be turned over to the Lincoln County Board of Education.
He noted in a department press release that he hoped the funds would be used to prevent teaching positions from being eliminated.
The Sheriff’s Office also plans to auction off vehicles in the near feature, once the state returns the titles, Carpenter said.

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