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School Board to set price increase schedule for lunches

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A plan for how a school lunch price increase will be executed will be determined at Wednesday night’s Board of Education meeting – a topic that continues to have board members divided.
Last month’s Budget and Finance Committee meeting opened the floor for discussion on how the 30-cent increase would be implemented — either all at once or gradually.
School Board Vice-Chairman Candy Burgin and Chairman Ed Hatley sided against Option 1, where parents will agree to pay the new amount, $2.50, up front.

The two agreed that it would be less of a shock to parents to ease into the increase over the next three years, by paying 10 cents more each year — an idea that County Child Nutrition Director Byron Sackett fears will have parents paying more later.
Other policies to be approved after standing open for 25 days include changes in graduation requirements, attendance policy and grade level promotion.
The board has made a few changes to options for completing high school.
A Differential Diploma Program will be added to the list of ways to graduate — designed for students who have extenuating circumstances that will prevent them from graduating with his or her class.
A committee appointed by the superintendent will decide who is accepted into the program.
High school students will no longer have the option to a credit recovery program for days missed, but in turn will be allotted eight absences, rather than six.
After missing six school days, students had the option of making up the time before or after school. But students tended to put recovering missed class time until later in the semester, which doesn’t benefit them in catching up, Lincolnton High Principal Tony Worley told the Times-News in a prior interview.
Previously, high school sophomores who scored below a Level 3 on the State Writing Assessment, were required to complete a writing seminar or summer writing workshop, the board has decided to omit that component from the promotion policy.
Other action items include:
Virtual Charter School resolution
Interim budget resolution for 2012-2013
Career and technical education plan
School renovations
The board will meet at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, at the school board office, 353 N. Generals Blvd. in Lincolnton.

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