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Health Matters: Hip and Knee Center a new program at CMC-Lincoln

Guest Columnist

I am excited to announce the initiation of the Hip and Knee Center at Carolinas Medical Center-Lincoln.
This new program is designed to give our joint-replacement patients excellent and comprehensive care.
It begins with the office consultation, extends to the surgical procedure, and into the inpatient hospital stay.
We have created clinical pathways and protocols to ensure outstanding care.
During the office consultation, patients have the chance to be evaluated by the doctor on a personal level.
They are then given several educational materials to take home for their information.  Also, patients are able to see and feel the implants that will be used during their surgery.
This helps lead to a full understanding of the diagnosis and the course of treatment.
As part of the Hip and Knee Center, we have begun to educate our patients and those in the community wishing to learn more about joint replacement with our “Joint Camp.”
These classes are the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at CMC-Lincoln and are open to the public.
During these classes, attendees will learn about the hospital stay from the day of surgery through the day of discharge.
They will have the opportunity to meet some of the nurses and therapy staff and questions are encouraged.
At the conclusion of the class, a tour of the hospital is given including a patient room on the hospital floor.
This educational program is not offered by other hospitals in the area, which allows us to take excellent care of our joint replacement patients.
Patients no longer need to travel great distances for hip and knee replacement surgery.
We created the Hip and Knee Center at CMC-Lincoln to provide comprehensive, state of the art care for patients needing joint replacements.
If you have any further questions or would like to attend the “Joint Camp”, please call 980-212-6055 or email hipandknee@carolinashealthcare.org.
To schedule an appointment to see Dr. Ted Parcel, call 980-212-6250.

Ted Parcel, DO, works with Carolinas Medical Center-Lincoln.

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