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FBI says white powder a hoax

Staff Writer

Federal Bureau of Investigation officials have determined there was nothing toxic about a white powder mailed to a Maiden church last week.
Several area news media outlets reported Friday that despite a scare at Providence Baptist Church Thursday morning, after someone mailed a letter to the church containing a mysterious white substance, the powder lacked “bioterrorism agents.” There’s been no word yet on the exact nature of the substance.
The worship facility and its head pastor, Rev. Charles Worley, have been in the midst of a local and national media controversy after Worley preached two sermons in May about how to rid the world of gays.
His remarks, later uploaded to YouTube, focused on the traditional Christian view that homosexuality is a sin. Taking his beliefs to the extreme, some would say, Worley spoke of his plan to eliminate gays by placing them inside a large electric fence, where they would die off.
A protest in Catawba County ensued several days after the first sermon hit news headlines across the country, empowering some but upsetting most. Both opponents and supporters of Worley rallied to voice their opinions.

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