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Reader’s Forum — 05-28-12

Attendence at VFW event disappointing
First, I would like to thank the Lincoln Times-News cameraman for taking time out of his busy schedule to attend the Memorial Day Event and lighting of the candles at the VFW on Sunday May 27 at 7:30 p.m. We appreciate his presence.
We were disappointed at the small crowd who came out to honor our veterans.
Neither the mayor nor any of the City Council took the time to come.
Most of the people who did come out were either wives of the DAV Firing Squad or the Marine Corps League Color Guard.
Although I am a Marine Veteran this service wasn’t about me really.  I appreciate the thanks but really I didn’t give what the World War II Veterans, Vietnam Veterans, Afghanistan and Iraqi Soldiers did.
I served stateside in a clerical position.  My life was never in danger but these men, a lot of whom were awarded Purple Hearts, risked their lives for us.
I think they deserve more respect than they get when we have their ceremonies.
The ceremony only lasted 30 minutes.
What is that to give for those that fought for us?
Think about it and next time you read about a ceremony for the Veterans, mark your calendar, and attend.
Thanks to our Veterans.
Semper Fi

Sherry Trevino,

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