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This is a tale of growing old

Guest Columnist

When I retire I will travel and read all the library books that I can carry home each week.
It will be easy to keep up with the housework after I clean all the closets and kitchen cabinets.
I really thought that I would do that, and that’s how retirement would be, and I said it quite a few times.
I also thought I would continue writing. It would be easier without all the newsroom distractions. A few columns is the best I can do.
And this one is the tale of growing old.
There are people out there who talk about the golden years. Most of them are young, energetic and a long way from retirement. Let me say that there’s nothing gold about growing old, not even silver, no brass, could be some tin.
What it is, is a never ending dull time where you keep losing your car keys, can’t find your glasses and most of what comes from your mouth is a string of complaints about your aches and pains.
Going out to work each day puts you in contact with many who share work habits and ideas. Sometimes you get to make a good decision,  or give a passable answer to a difficult question. It’s a chance to wear
your best clothes and keep a schedule mostly built around the lunch hour.
Now “what’s for lunch” can be the most important decision of the day.
And for those who can’t wait for retirement, here’s a real news bundle for you: It will not be a time of leisure. There’s a lot to be done, but no one wants to do it. We give it lots of thought, but thinking can ruin your day.
You can waste a morning trying to remember what should be done first.
And then it’s time for lunch. And time does fly and before you know it, it’s suppertime and again you’re wondering what to eat and asking where did the day go.
Oh well, the weather report calls for rain tomorrow. It will be a good day to clean closets.
Kathryn Yarbro is former Managing Editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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