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Sheriff’s Office expands to new location

Staff Writer

The Sheriff’s Office will soon have administrative services available in the eastern part of the county.
Starting June 4, civil process and administrative services will also be located in the Charlie District Office, located at 1889 North Highway 16 in Denver, a department press release said.
During the week, sworn officer Beverly Childers will be on-hand in the Denver office to take messages and reports, hand out gun permits, serve criminal summons and take down any residential complaints.
Childers formerly worked in the Law Enforcement Center at Sheriff’s headquarters in Lincolnton.
Sheriff David Carpenter said he was pleased that through free expansion of administrative services, the Sheriff’s Office will be able to better cater to county citizens.
“It will allow the Sheriff’s Office to be more accessible to the public, and we were able to make the move without an increase to the budget,” he said in a department press release. “I’m always looking at proactive ways to serve the citizens of this county with the resources we have on hand.”
Carpenter told the Times-News he’s been planning the expansion since before taking office.
“This has been part of my long range goal since before being Sheriff,” he said. “It’s coming into play just a little sooner, which I’m extremely pleased to be able to do.”
The Sheriff’s Office is also currently constructing an office on the county’s western end, which will be part of the new Howards Creek Volunteer Fire Department. The fire department will lease 1,400 of more than 14,000 square feet to the Sheriff’s Office. Roughly 800 square feet will house employees with Emergency Medical Services.
The Charlie District Office will be open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. To reach the office, call (704) 483-7084.

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