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More 2012 Of the Year winners announced

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What do a bus driver, volunteer and a child nutritionist have in common?
All three are winners.
In addition to recognizing full-time faculty and staff members at Lincoln County schools, a few other employees were recognized for excellence as well.
Bob Cothran , Lisa Bailey and Shirley Rich were selected as the 2012 Of the Year winners in their fields.
Cothran, a bus driver for East Lincoln middle and high schools, is commended for knowing all of his students’ first names, maintaining a clean bus and  a positive attitude, according to LCS Director of
Transportation Eric Eaker in a previously-released statement.
Another 2012 winner from East Lincoln, Lisa Bailey, was recognized. She was named the Child Nutrition Specialist of the Year, a deserved award, county Child Nutrition Director Byron Sackett assures.
“She has been such a help with nutrition in the schools and has worked hard on the breakfast program,” Sackett told the Times-News Friday.
Bailey has been involved in the field for 15 years, eight of which have been at ELHS.
She credits the “hard-working people around her” for her success, and stresses the importance of a positive attitude when working with children – her favorite aspect of her job.
A cart was named after Bailey for all her dedication and time spent at East Lincoln, called Bailey’s Place, and is used in the mornings during the free breakfast program.
Across the county at North Lincoln High, volunteer Shirley Rich was chosen as the Volunteer of the Year. Rich has been in the county for about 34 years and raised all three of her grandchildren here.
She started out volunteering at the elementary and middle schools her grandchildren attended, and when they moved up to NLHS, Rich did too. Although her grandchildren have graduated and are longer students at North Lincoln, she continues to run the concession stand for all sporting events, and volunteers her time in various other ways as well. The 65-year-old’s time and dedication she puts into her volunteer efforts helped win her the award, she thinks. Melanie Painter, Rich’s previous co-worker and now secretary to the assistant superintendent, vouches for that.
“She has been so instrumental from day one at North Lincoln,” Painter said. “Even before we opened the doors at the beautiful new building, she came in and started decorating and putting flowers, trees and pictures around; just does things out of the goodness of her heart. Imagine what a school could do that was filled with Shirley Rich’s.”

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