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Sometimes it’s hard to be nice

Guest columnist

I’m glad that the primary season is over and hope your favored candidate won.
But could we get a “do no call list” for politicians several weeks before the general elections and could I be first to apply for it? I try to be a fairly polite person, but too many of these unsolicited telephone calls asking for political support for someone I know little about, make me forget that I am a Southern lady.
I have been known to reply harshly even though I know it’s a recorded message.  Certain activities going on in the world today don’t deserve a polite response.
We’ve also received quite a few calls lately requesting money for a ministry that says it takes care of the aged, the homeless and children around the world. Good job. I do not donate by phone.  But fairness is another Southern virtue, so I just hang up on these and all other charitable solicitations.
And this brings to mind another deplorable practice going on today — junk mail.  My chair-side trash basket is filled at least twice a week. Although aggravating, junk mail is not as invasive as telephone solicitation. It doesn’t interrupt your supper nor your morning bath. But junk mail is really a nuisance.
Your mail that counts is stacked within countless offers addressed to residents offering ways to have more money, better health insurance, all types of magazines and catalogs filled with time-saving features.
If enough junk-mailers would have to pay enough postage it might slow the daily flow of trash coming from people we don’t know and don’t want to know.
That would make more room for the daily barrage of trash from people who do know our names.
Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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