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Former commissioner purchases battlefield land to help preserve it

Staff Writer

A piece of historical property will likely have a greater chance for restoration following its purchase by one Lincoln County resident.
As the Times-News previously reported, the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners was weighing the $44,000 purchase of two parcels of land adjacent to the Ramsour’s Mill battleground on Jeb Seagle Road in Lincolnton.
Jason Harpe, executive director of the Lincoln County Historical Association, had presented information to the board regarding the association’s long-term goal to preserve and promote the site’s history, part of which includes the annual Battle of Ramsour’s Mill re-enactment taking place this weekend at Lincolnton High School.
However, due to a decision by former county commissioner Buddy Funderburk, it’s no longer up to the county whether to save the land.
Funderburk recently purchased the property up for sale in hopes that it will be preserved and to keep it in local hands. The previous owner, Mary Branch, had contacted Harpe regarding her interest in selling the land.
“I would hate to see it go to an investor,” Funderburk told the Times-News. “You don’t know what will materialize.”
Funderburk, who has also served on the county’s Historic Properties Commission, said he has always tried to push to preserve the history of Lincoln County. And he hopes his purchase of the land will allow it more time until funding is available to go toward its restoration.
The parcels are some of the last remaining property on the original battleground site not already owned by either Lincoln County or the school system.
In deciding to go through with the purchase, Funderburk hopes the site will someday be like the Kings Mountain battlefield in South Carolina, attracting similar visitors.

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