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Sheriff: Sign thieves may be selling metal

Staff Writer

The Sheriff’s Office is investigating a string of thefts across the county since the end of last year in which more than 100 street signs have been stolen.
Sheriff David Carpenter told the Times-News Friday that since December, at least 150 county signs have been stolen and more than 70 have been damaged. In addition, he noted that earlier this year, 29 signs were taken in one weekend alone. A majority of the signs are street names, deputies said.
While thieves have targeted signs in various county locations, most signs have been taken from the county’s western end, the same area where the Sheriff’s Office has also noted that a number of riding lawnmowers and other lawn equipment have recently been stolen.
Carpenter said that more than likely, thieves are taking the signs in hopes of cashing the aluminum in for money.
“Anything for money — people will steal anything,” he said.
In addition, the Sheriff’s Office said it has cost the county nearly $65 to replace each sign, not counting labor and fuel costs.
Carpenter hopes the public will assist deputies in reporting suspicious activity and tracking down leads.
“Maybe we could put a dent in some of this,” he said.
Anyone with information on the thefts is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (704) 736-8909.

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