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Reader’s Forum — 5-9-12

Open eyes to conduct of city manager
You should stop picking on “special Jeff” (the city manager). After all, he apparently thinks he is entitled to free gifts.
In an interview with “Gaston-Lincoln Neighbor” on Feb. 14, 2006, Jeff Emory admitted receiving free tickets from the same contractor on a “few” occasions, and that the city should adopt new rules on allowing “gifts,” from contractors.
With this said, do you wonder why taxpaying citizens are skeptical when you propose a “few million dollar” new police department?
For you re-elected council members who think the people really spoke when voting you back in, for goodness sake! (Hats off to Devin Rhyne, the only councilman with my respect.)
Citizens of Lincoln County, wake up! Open your eyes! We all are being spoon-fed a diet of hollow dreams and hope — a 10-cinema stadium complex on a tenth of an acre of land or a fancy restaurant in a rotting building – just read the fancy billboards all over town.
But close your eyes to the reality of over a dozen empty store fronts within a block of the courthouse.
And our tax-funded associations are doing what? Art crawls, wine tastings and hog happenings. Give me a break!
You “movers and shakers” of downtown need to wise up. Just because we, the citizens, have become complacent, does not mean that we agree with you antics. We know that our complaints have, as always, fallen on deaf ears, and voting doesn’t seem to help.
I suppose your response to all legitimate complaints will be the same as in the past. Throw a huge drunken party, give Emory a pay raise, and raise taxes.
Yes, the truth hurts. But somebody has got to say it.
Terry Peeler,

Observing Confederate Memorial Day
145 years ago Thursday, North Carolina held its first Confederate Memorial Day. This day was promised by the state to honor the Confederate dead. However, the state went back on its promise in the 1950s, deeming Confederate Memorial Day inappropriate. I guess they must have read their Northern History.
North Carolina was one of the last Southern states to secede on May 20, 1861, only after we received a demanding telegram from Abraham Lincoln wanting us to take up arms against our Southern brothers. North Carolina went into the war mad about the rights violations of free men. We provided more troops than any other Southern state. We had the first Casualty at Bethel, a member of a Lincoln County Unit, the N.C. 1st, Co. K. We went further at Gettysburg, where 200 Lincoln County men made it to the top, with the N.C. 52nd, Cos. G and H. We were last to surrender at Appomattox, Va., and Durham, N.C.
In fact, a Lincoln County general, Major Gen. Robert F. Hoke, surrendered the last division of the war. 2,300 Lincoln County men served and 750 never made it home. This was supposed to be a day to remember them.
Our monument was event dedicated on this day in 1911. But the Northern history writers have put such a spin on the war. I bet you didn’t know black troops fought for the South, too? But they were regular units, not grouped in units to do menial tasks like the men who fought in the North.
Since North Carolina no longer recognizes this as a holiday, that don’t mean you can’t fly your flag and celebrate the memory of your brave ancestors. They fought for a cause they believed in an even though they lost, they changed history.
Mark Nixon,

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