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Reader’s Forum — 5-4-12

Carney responds to earlier letter
To the Citizens of Lincoln County,
I am responding to an inaccurate accusation made by a former Commissioner of Mooresville.  Between 2005-2008, Mooresville’s citizens decided they were unhappy with the direction of our Town.  I was proud to be elected during this time on a platform of accountability to all the citizens, not just a chosen few.  It was under this prior administration that massive debt for water and sewer was being planned and implemented.  These expenditures were causing the citizens to face rate increases of up to 25% for several years.  Upon taking office, I fought against an unnecessary sewer plant expansion of 150 MILLION dollars and am proud to say in 2010 we expanded that same plant for less than 11 million.  Mr. Owens is being disingenuous, as it was he and his fellow Commissioners that were the reason for rising rates.  This was all very public and reported by our local media.
As for the charge of not being conservative, I am proud to be endorsed by the NRA and Grass Roots North Carolina.  I was equally honored to receive an award from Stand Up NC for Promoting American Values and called “A Champion of Limited Constitutional Government”.  The citizens of Lincoln are going to have a choice, whether to take the word of impartial conservative organizations or former elected officials that the tax payers overwhelmingly voted out of office.

Chris Carney
N.C. Senator
District 44

Support for Carney
It was unfortunate to read a letter from a former Commissioner attacking Senator Chris Carney.  As Mooresville’s citizens might remember, it was Commissioner Beaver that brought us a Waste Water plan that would have spent 150 Million dollars and helped his friends at CH2MHill.  It was so concerning that it brought the FBI to Mooresville and the elected official’s computers seized.  Commissioner Beaver was not re-elected and I for one am happy that we have turned that chapter.
The Mooresville we have today has been built upon decisions made by many great leaders, and certainly Chris Carney would be on that list.  Under his 6 years, we have built parks, sidewalks, roads and jobs.  You could not pick up a paper without reading about Chris fighting for downtown business owners or a company publicly thanking him for his help in relocating to this area.  Niagara, America’s Park, Merino’s Furniture have all spoken publicly of his leadership.  Simply, his reputation of helping private job creation and fighting tax increases for our region has been second to none.  During his service, we added over 4 thousand jobs and 2 Billion in private investment.
Chris did all this while still upholding a commitment to service in several local charities.  Whether it is purple hair for cancer or a dunking booth, Senator Carney has always been someone we could count on to help our community.  I believe Chris is exactly what we need in Raleigh, his character; integrity and proven job creation record are what we need to send back to the State Senate.

Scott Melius
Former Board Member and President
MSI Chamber

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