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Sheriff attends leadership institute

Staff Writer
Lincoln County Sheriff David Carpenter was among 35 state sheriffs to graduate this month from the Sheriff’s Leadership Institute.
A ceremony took place on March 9 at the William and Ida Friday Center at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.
North Carolina is the only state to offer the program, Carpenter said. In addition, this month’s graduating law enforcement leaders are only the second group to complete the program, sponsored by the state’s Sheriffs’ Association and funded by a Governor’s Crime Commission grant.
The training consisted of four week-long programs that spanned the last two years.
A press release stated that the Institute is “like no other training” in the country and serves as “a national model” for other states, providing specialized training and leadership skills for North Carolina sheriffs.
“This is something that the citizens … can be proud of,” Carpenter said.
He felt that the training taught him both new and old field knowledge for performing the office’s daily operations. In addition, he said that the training could possibly affect state residents in the long run by saving them money regarding lawsuits and other liability issues. Lastly, Carpenter felt that the Institute allowed him to “build a partnership” with other state sheriffs.
“In my 2,000 plus hours of training, this has been the most professionally run training that I have ever attended,” he said.

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