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Iron Station 4th-graders present play

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Fourth-grade students at Iron Station Elementary School performed their play “Pirates from Grammar Island” at the school on Friday.

Iron Station Elementary School fourth-graders put on a show Friday afternoon that both entertained and educated audience members.
In a musical and comedic play entitled “Pirates from Grammar Island,” students sang about and taught important lessons of grammar, while also eliciting quite a few laughs.
Dressed in various forms of pirate garb, the fourth-grade students alternated between dialogue and songs covering the types of sentences, parts of speech and capitalization, among others. In full character, they announced that good grammar was their quest.
Behind them, paper cutout palm trees adorned the stage in the school’s gymnasium. The production began with three students singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” while carrying in a boat set piece.
The play served as an effective reminder to those mothers and fathers in attendance of just how rusty they may have become on their fourth-grade grammar rules.
Principal Audrey Benton said the four classes had been practicing and preparing for their performance for five or six weeks.
“It’s something new this year,” she said of the educational initiative.
Benton noted that as part of the North Carolina school curriculum, students are taught about pirates throughout history and, obviously, grammar, as well. The play served as a way to “integrate the two,” she said.

Image courtesy of Ray Gora / Lincoln Times-News

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