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Lincolnton man fatally struck by motorist in Shelby

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The Shelby Police Department is investigating why a Lincolnton man was crossing an area roadway Monday night when a motorist struck and killed him.

The incident comes as the second pedestrian fatality in Shelby since 2010, authorities said.

Officers said the driver collided with 44-year-old Alfredo Corona Vargas, of the 2000 block of Woodgate Road, killing him just before 11 p.m.

Vargas had been crossing Grover Street towards Frederick Street when police said he was thrown several feet from the wreck site.

“He didn’t use the crosswalk,” Police Chief Jeff Ledford said. “We’re not sure where he was going.”

Because alcohol was located at the scene, toxicology tests are currently under way to determine whether or not it was to blame for the victim’s unusual behavior. Ledford said it takes between two and six weeks to receive results.

Officers indicated no reason to think the driver had been drinking.

Ledford said he doesn’t consider Grove Street in Shelby to be a particularly dangerous stretch of roadway but noted that anytime a person is crossing a busy intersection, caution should be exercised.

“We’ve stressed … the importance of crossing and checking traffic signal lights,” Ledford said.

Charges have not been filed against the driver. Officers will decide whether to press charges following an investigation and deliberation with the District Attorney’s Office.

Following the fatality, police sent experts to the scene to reconstruct what happened. They are currently composing a computer image of the area to aid their investigation, Ledford said.

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