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Caterers move business to Denver

Jaime and Deana Lyon of Iron Station, owners of Chillin & Grillin catering, arrange a display table at their new Denver location. They will be holding an open house on Saturday.


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Chillin & Grillin, a catering company owned by Iron Station couple Jaime and Deana Lyon, has relocated to Denver and will be hosting an open house Saturday to showcase its new space.

Formerly based out of a shared kitchen in Charlotte, the company is now located at 751H N. N.C. 16, two doors from Albertine Florals and a couple of doors up from Sweet Vine Winery.

“It was time to move more this way,” said Deana Lyon, noting that the easy highway access at their new location is convenient for their frequent travel.

They started the company in 2004 after Deana had been with Duke Energy for 29 years and Jaime had worked in sales.

“It was time to do something we wanted to do,” Deana Lyon said, adding that they had always enjoyed throwing parties for friends.

In their new location, which will serve as a showroom, kitchen and office, they hope to gain better visibility and exposure. Many people aren’t familiar with what services they actually provide, she noted, stressing that they are not a restaurant or a hot dog vendor.

They also provide much more than “cookout” style dining options, having also ventured into more upscale fare.

Rather, Chillin & Grillin provides catering for both private and public events and has lately been trying to market more to weddings. Moving to Denver will allow them to more regularly service their growing Lake Norman area clientele.

In the past, they have catered for corporate luncheons, picnics and client meetings, though that has happened less as businesses have cut their spending. Nonetheless, they have a long line of regular, repeat customers, which Lyon notes is a “wonderful client list.”

“We take care of those that take care of us,” she said.

For six years, they have catered Davidson College’s Spring Fling. The Blowing Rock Charity Saddlebred Show is another regular event on their list, in addition to the Charlotte HomeArama.

Locally, they provide services for Sally’s YMCA events and do a full breakfast every Wednesday for the Denver Lake Norman Rotary. The latter they have also done for the past six years, with Lyon noting that they “must like us.”

Lyon said they do most any kind of food, with the exception of fried cuisine.

“We’re just grillers,” she added, noting that lately they have done a lot of low-country boils and steak.

Jaime does the majority of the cooking, with Deana making the appetizers. They also have a woman on staff who makes cakes and other desserts.

Lyon said she hopes Chillin & Grillin will become more of a one-stop shop for those planning weddings, saying anyone who books with them can use anything they have, including sterling silver and lead-crystal dinnerware. They will also provide custom linens.

While they’re primarily caterers, she emphasized that they’re “always there to assist you with other needs,” particularly with a long list of preferred vendors on hand.

Lyon noted that they take every event they do very seriously because each one is a reflection on the company, adding that word-of-mouth is their primary means of getting their name out there.

“It’s important to have good food and good service,” she stressed.

Chillin & Grillin will host an open house the next two Saturdays, from 12-5 p.m.


Image courtesy of Ray Gora / Lincoln Times-News

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