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Pumpkin Center VFD breaks ground for new station



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Pumpkin Center Volunteer Fire Department recently broke ground on a new station, according to department chief Shaun Drum.

It’s taken six years for the project to turn into a reality, Drum noted. “We wanted to make sure everything was in order,” he said.

Fire officials said they wanted to be sure that by constructing a new station, they would be caring for the community in the best possible way, as well as extending “adequate protection” to the area residents whom they’ve been called to serve.

Although the cost of the new station, roughly $1.8 million, will be covered through the area’s annual fire district tax, Drum assured the community that through fire officials’ long-term planning and money-saving habits, they would not be seeing a spike in the tax.

“This facility can and will be funded without a fire tax increase to the citizens,” he said.

In fact, Drum noted that the tax has actually decreased over the years.

The current station, located on Lee Lawing Rd. in Lincolnton, will be turned into a substation, fire officials said. An estimated completion date for the new facility, which will neighbor North Lincoln Middle School on Amity Church Rd., has been set for November.

Pumpkin Center Fire Department currently boasts 36 firefighters, 34 of whom serve on a volunteer basis.

Chief Drum thanked the community for their contribution to the large-scale endeavor.

“Without this support, this project would not have happened,” he said. “This facility is not just the fire department’s; it’s the citizens’ of this fire district as well.”

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