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Police: String of break-ins not work of ‘rocket scientists’


Broken glass litters the sidewalk outside one of the downtown Lincolnton stores broken into early Tuesday.


Crimes may have been bungled attempt to access jewelry store



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Police are investigating a handful of break-ins that occurred early Tuesday morning at businesses located along East Main Street in downtown Lincolnton.

According to police reports, of the five businesses that were targeted, starting sometime after 1 a.m., the culprit gained entry into three locations and attempted to break into two others.

Glass was busted out of several of the businesses’ doors. Locations that sustained damage included Aerus Electrolux, One Main Financial, Chromcraft Revington furniture store, a side/back door at Watson Insurance and the front door of Exper-Teez, where store owner Chris Tabor told the Times-News that the culprits even damaged a wall and several ceiling tiles inside the store. He said more than likely the individuals were trying to access Stroup’s Jewelers, located next door.

Even police sergeant Matt Painter thought that the culprits might have had an eye on the jewelry store. “It’s possible,” he said, adding that if the culprits had entered the store, an alarm would have sounded.

One of the culprits was injured during the break-in at Exper-Teez, Tabor said. Blood was still visible on both the sidewalk near the store’s front entrance and on store ceiling tiles. While Tabor noted that he had been cleaning up glass at the business since 5 a.m., he knew that pieces were still lingering along the sidewalk. He said he was concerned that dogs passing through the area would get glass stuck in their paws.

Tabor’s not too upset about the break-in, stating that it was “a good thing” that the store only suffered minor property damage. He does plan to install an alarm system at the store in the near future. A second Exper-Teez employee believed that Tuesday’s high-volume of break-ins was the culprits’ way of “scouting” out area stores before conducting similar incidents in the future.

Police said that a safe at One Main Financial was tampered with but not accessed in the incident. The company’s manager was unwilling to comment about the break-in.

“We’re not dealing with rocket scientists here,” Painter said of the culprits.

No items were taken in any of the break-ins, which all remain under further investigation.


Image courtesy of Nayeli Ramirez / Lincoln Times-News

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