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ELHS basketball
The East Lincoln Mustangs  (7-12, 5-5 SPC) defeated the Lake Norman Charter Knights (10-8, 5-5 SPC) 35-29 on Friday for their third straight win.
Junior Tyler Brock led the Mustangs in scoring with 14 points.

WLHS basketball
The Cherryville Ironmen (11-9, 4-6 SPC) defeated the West Lincoln Rebels (1-17, 0-10 SPC) 88-55 on Friday.
Rebel senior Kyle Wyatt scored a game-high 23 points to lead West Lincoln in scoring.

LHS-NLHS wrestling
Lincolnton High School: 39
N. Lincoln High School: 29
106: Barbieri, Ryan (North Lincoln High School)  MD Steele, TJ (Lincolnton High School)  13-4
113: Drennen, Trevor (North Lincoln High School)  FALL Queen, TJ (Lincolnton High School)  1:19
120: Publico, Mikhail (Lincolnton High School)  FALL Chroback, Conner (North Lincoln High School) 2:22
132: James, Rockman (North Lincoln High School)  DEC Robinson, Jake (Lincolnton High School)  14-12
138: Matt, Carswell (North Lincoln High School)  MD Pfenning, Dayton (Lincolnton High School)  15-5
145: Smith, Chad (Lincolnton High School)  DEC Mitch, Brooks (North Lincoln High School)  9-2
152: Campbell, Shane (Lincolnton High School)  FALL Magro, Charles (North Lincoln High School) 0:37
160: Turner, Quinlin (Lincolnton High School)  For  (North Lincoln High School)
170: Crowe, Landon (Lincolnton High School)  For (North Lincoln High School)
182: Duncan, Austin (Lincolnton High School)  FALL Holden, Patrick (North Lincoln High School) 3:46
195: Latshaw, Hunter (North Lincoln High School)  FALL Brown, William (Lincolnton High School)  2:30
220: Michael, McKee (North Lincoln High School)  FALL Shrum, Nolan (Lincolnton High School)  1:28
285: Cline, Hunter (Lincolnton High School)  For (North Lincoln High School)

WLHS wrestling
West Lincoln (WELI) 46, Cherryville (CHER) 32
106: Jack Willis, CHER, pinned Harley Morrison, WELI, 3:22.
113: Matt Ryne, CHER, pinned Dale Morris, WELI, 3:13.
120: Hunter Turner, WELI, forf.
126: Darius Harris, CHER, maj. dec. Dillon Morris, WELI, 13-5.
132: Daniel Hayes, CHER, pinned Jordan Stamey, WELI, 0:32.
138: Clay Alguire, WELI, pinned Erich Carpenter, CHER, 2:38.
145: David Sailors, WELI, maj. dec. Daniel Churnside, CHER, 12-2.
152: Michael Cruz, CHER, pinned Wilford Avery, WELI, 0:48.
160: Josh Pierce, CHER, maj. dec. Jalin Leatherman, WELI, 9-1.
170: Juan Jimenez, WELI, pinned Oscar Gomez, CHER, 0:52.
182: Justin Jones, WELI, forf.
195: Gunnar Gallo, WELI, forf.
220: Dylan Davis, WELI, pinned Dylan Camp, CHER, 0:15.
285: Mike Wise, WELI, pinned Dylan Reynolds, CHER, 3:02.

Senior bowling
1-16-12 Results
High game Scratch: Bill Hart 227, Juanita Wallace 182; Year to date: Ken Fair 290, Nelia Winters 235
High Series Scratch: Ralph Dutcher 618, Elaine Beal 464; Year to date: Ken Fair 726, Nelia Winters 575
High Game HC: Fred Osler 254, Roswita Donovan 257; Year to Date: Ken Fair 307, Sue Vance 283
High Series HC: Ralph Dutcher 663, Roswita Donovan 688; Year to date: Drew Bunton 745, Marie Monte 755
High Average: Ken Fair 200, Nelia Winters 158
Al’s Alley Kats   100 – 60
Ed’s Eagles       98 – 62
Ralph’s Rookies 93 – 67

Lincolnton Parks & Rec basketball
01/26/12 Results
Game 1: Ethan Allen (A) 82, Cataler (B) 50
Ethan Allen (A): Tyler Dellinger 19 points, Tyler Hynes 17 points, Heath Cole 16 points
Cataler (B): T.J. Hanna 18 points, Shane Sigmon 18 points, Travis Wilson 6 points
Game 2: Cataler (A) 56, Actavis 47
Cataler (A): Travis Hopper 21 points, Kenneth McCaskill 14 points, Nathan Craig II 9 points
Actavis: Kyle Fields 11 points, Travis Baines 12 points, Mike Krehnbrink 6 points
Game 3: Ethan Allen (B) 66, Lee Boy 25
Ethan Allen (B): Phil Robinson 25 points, Holden James 15 points, Charles Royster 5 points
Lee Boy: Tyler Friday 11 points, Brad Holland 6 points, T.W. Burgess 3 points, David Thompson 3 points

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