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Wreath ceremony on Saturday to mark anniversary of Battle of Cowan’s Ford


LTN Staff Reports


A wreath-laying ceremony is set to commemorate the 231st anniversary of the Battle of Cowan’s Ford on Saturday.

The event, which honors the memory of the Feb. 1, 1781, battle, will take place at Hopewell Presbyterian Church in Huntersville, located across from the entrance to Historic Latta Plantation. Some of those who died during the Revolutionary War battle are buried at the church’s cemetery.

Coffee will be served beginning at 9:15 a.m., followed by a church service at 10 a.m. The wreath-laying ceremony will start immediately thereafter at the grave site of Gen. William Lee Davidson, who was the American commander and died during the fighting.

Gen. Davidson was attempting to delay a British advance across the Catawba River from Lincoln County to Mecklenburg County, buying time for the much larger American force under Gen. Nathanael Greene to retreat further north in a strategic maneuver historians refer to as the “Race to the Dan.”

Although the small American force under Davidson was defeated, it accomplished its goal. When the British finally did catch up to Greene’s army, it was waiting from them with ample reinforcements in a strong defensive position.

In the resulting Battle of Guilford Courthouse, Greene’s forces badly bloodied the British army before yielding the field of battle, leaving the British weakened and far from their base of supplies. As a result, British forces maneuvered toward the coast, eventually reaching a position near Yorktown, Va., where American and French forces trapped them, forcing a surrender and effectively ending the war for American independence.

As a result, the tiny and little-known Battle of Cowan’s Ford played an important role in achieving American independence.

To participate in the ceremony, follow N.C. 73 into Mecklenburg County, turn right at Beatties Ford Road and follow it five miles south to Hopewell Church, located on the left.

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