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Angels among us at Battleground Elementary School

Shortly before Christmas I attended a Christmas Play at my oldest grandson’s church.  A young girl sang the song “Angels Among Us”.  I thought how perfectly that describes the giving and the receiving that happens at Battleground Elementary School every Christmas.  This year 99 Angels from our Battleground families were blessed with gifts from Angels in our school and from our community.  The joy and excitement that results from these acts of giving and receiving are truly overwhelming and often move me to tears.

There is no way to adequately thank all those who were involved but I would like to recognize the groups and organizations that support and love our children.  It is my hope that the individuals who are members of these groups will know how much their generosity is appreciated.  Our Battleground Angel Tree would not happen without the help and support of the Faculty and Staff at Battleground Elementary School.  This year individual staff members and their extended families reached deep into their pockets to provide for our students. Thanks to our administrators, staff and faculty—BES you are the BEST!  Every year the members of Salem Baptist Church start early by taking many of our angels and returning with gifts for each one.  Boger City Baptist Church begins their acts of giving by raising money during Vacation Bible School.  The money raised goes to serve many of our students each year.  Cedar Grove Lutheran Church has members who bless a large number of our children each year.  The party given by the First United Methodist Church provides a time of sharing, fun and fellowship as well as gifts for eight of our students each year.  This year members of Covenant Bible Church helped to fill in the gaps and provide gifts for last minute wishes.  Once again the North 321 Firefighters made Christmas special for one of our special families.  Many thanks to World One in Charlotte for the gifts of love they sent to many of our children.  I also want to thank the employees at Discount Tire Company in Concord Mills for helping make the holiday bright for our angels.  Finally, I want to thank the tireless members of the First Baptist Church who support our school in every way.  You love us and our children with costumes for our plays, food for our families, and supplying other needs we may have.

The true meaning of giving and love is alive in the hearts of all of those who made these blessings possible.  I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of your kindness.  While you may never know the child you have blessed, I have been blessed to see many of them and hear them say, “. . .see the new coat I got, .. . look at my new shoes. . .I got a cool game for Christmas. . .”    Truly, you are Angels Among Us and you have touched the life of a child.

Linda Wolfe,

School Counselor,
Battleground Elementary School

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