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Jack Frost nipping at your toes . . . winter foot care

It’s that time of year, we all get a case of dry cracked skin, but is what you are doing to take care of this problem helping…or hurting?

A common mistake people make when it comes to caring for their feet in the winter is the foot soak.

While this may feel nice on your toes, it actually makes the situation worse, especially if you have diabetes.  It has been clinically proven that soaking your feet increases dryness.

This can pose a real danger for anyone, especially diabetics.  Excessively dry feet can lead to cracks, which can lead to wounds.  In order to prevent this from happening there are some steps you can take in the care of your feet.

First, a good lotion in essential for foot care.  Try to avoid lotions that have any type of alcohol in the first 4 ingredients as well as lotions that have lots of fragrance/perfume.  Stick with lotions that are a natural color (white, cream, tan) and do not have any added smells.  Apply lotion liberally to feet but NOT between the toes.

Next, a good pair of socks is important for protection of your feet.  If you are diabetic, use diabetic socks; these have no seams and are made from material that does not promote drying out of your feet.

Last but not least is a good pair of shoes.  Shoes should have plenty of room, not only in length but in width, check to make sure your toes are not at the end of your shoe or that the sides of your forefoot are not pressing against the side of the shoe.

Do not walk barefoot and make sure to keep your feet moisturized and protected with good footwear every day. Making daily foot checks to the bottom and sides of feet, as well as between the toes is a great way to make sure you are on the right track for your foot care.

If you are concerned about a non-healing foot wound, please see your doctor for a referral to the wound care physical therapists at CMC-Lincoln Outpatient Rehabilitation.

CMC-Lincoln Rehabilitation has full outpatient services with occupational, physical, and speech therapy for clients of all ages.

We have three convenient locations in Lincoln County and many different specialized therapies.

For more information please call: Lincolnton 980-212-7020, Denver 980-212-7050, Pediatrics 980-212-7040.

Briana Blackwelder is a physical therapist assistant with Carolinas Medical Center-Lincoln


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