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LHS basketball
Both the Lincolnton Wolves boys and girls basketball teams beat Bessemer City on Tuesday.
The boys defeated the Yellow Jackets 74-52.
The Lady Wolves beat Bessemer City 60-18.

WLHS-ELHS wrestling
East Lincoln (EALI) 39.0 West Lincoln (WELI) 33.0
106: Harley Morrison, WELI, pinned Wesley Collins, EALI, 0:32. 113: Dale Morris, WELI, dec. Brandon Orgeron, EALI, 10-6. 120: Dillon Morris, WELI, pinned Lane Puckett, EALI, 0:56. 126: JAMES DANIEL, EALI, pinned Jordan Stamey, WELI, 1:00. 132: MOSES BOYTER, EALI, dec. Clay Alguire, WELI, 6-3. 138: David Sailors, WELI, pinned Michael Orgeron, EALI, 3:49. 145: MIKE MALONE, EALI, pinned Jay Harman, WELI, 2:53. 152: JEREMY TARLETON, EALI, pinned Wilford Avery, WELI, 1:13. 160: Justin Rhodes, EALI, pinned Jalin Leatherman, WELI, 1:47. 170: MAX MCCLURE, EALI, dec. Juan Jimenez, WELI, 11-10. 182: Tyler Rhodes, EALI, pinned Justin Jones, WELI, 3:19. 195: TRENTON HENDERSON, EALI, dec. Gunnar Gallo, WELI, 7-1. 220: Dylan Davis, WELI, forf. . 285: Mike Wise, WELI, pinned JOE BERMEA, EALI, 4:45.

LHS wrestling
Lincolnton High School: 18
Maiden High School: 50
106: Mayo, John (Maiden High School)  FALL Steele, TJ (Lincolnton High School)  0:32
113: Thomas, Gavin (Maiden High School)  FALL Queen, TJ (Lincolnton High School)  1:20
126: Hewitt, Jacob (Maiden High School)  DEC Publico, Mikhail (Lincolnton High School)  8-3
132: Webb, Bradley (Maiden High School)  For (Lincolnton High School)
138: Steward, Ethan (Maiden High School)  MD Cantrell, Tanner (Lincolnton High School)  13-4
145: Smith, Chad (Lincolnton High School)  FALL Yates, Tristian (Maiden High School) 1:28
152: Partin, John (Maiden High School)  DEC Albright, Tyler (Lincolnton High School)  13-9
160: Kerekes, Richard (Maiden High School)  FALL Turner, Quinlin (Lincolnton High School)  0:55
170: Spears, Evan (Maiden High School)  FALL Cabe, Matthew (Lincolnton High School)  2:57
182: Carlile, Brett (Maiden High School)  FALL Crowe, Landon(Lincolnton High School)  3:30
195: Brown, William (Lincolnton High School)  For (Maiden High School)
220: Thornburg, Taylor (Maiden High School)  MD Shrum, Nolan (Lincolnton High School)  13-2
285: Cline, Hunter (Lincolnton High School)  For (Maiden High School)
Lincolnton High School: 18
West Caldwell High School: 51
106: Barnette, Grant (West Caldwell High School)  FALL Steele, TJ (Lincolnton High School)  3:28
113: Lowe, Michael (West Caldwell High School)  FALL Queen, TJ (Lincolnton High School)  3:17
120: Publico, Mikhail (Lincolnton High School)  FALL Upton, Aaron (West Caldwell High School) 1:51
138: Bentley, Kenneth (West Caldwell High School)  FALL Cantrell, Tanner (Lincolnton High School)  4:50
145: Wooten, Matt (West Caldwell High School)  DEC Smith, Chad (Lincolnton High School)  8-1
152: Suddreth, Daquan (West Caldwell High School)  FALL Albright, Tyler (Lincolnton High School)  0:25
160: Barnette, Grayson (West Caldwell High School)  FALL Turner, Quinlin (Lincolnton High School)  1:20
170: Wooten, Caleb (West Caldwell High School)  FALL Crowe, Landon (Lincolnton High School)  5:49
182: Cabe, Matthew (Lincolnton High School)  For (West Caldwell High School)
195: Brown, William (Lincolnton High School)  FALL Houck, Kalob (West Caldwell High School) 5:41
220: Solis, Guillermo (West Caldwell High School)  FALL Shrum, Nolan (Lincolnton High School)
285: Pritchard, Cody (West Caldwell High School)  FALL Cline, Hunter (Lincolnton High School)  1:16

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