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Blaze hits textile mill; damage minimal

Staff Writer

Firefighters responded to a small-scale blaze over the weekend at a Lincolnton textile plant, the same site where a “suspicious” fire occurred just five months earlier.
The incident took place around 9 p.m. at Mohican Mills, located at 1419 E. Gaston Street. Fire officials said a motor and pump caught fire inside the plant.
According to Lincolnton Fire Chief Mike Lee, a city engine responded to the scene shortly after a caller reported seeing flames and smoke.
Lee said firefighters witnessed smoky conditions at the site and quickly extinguished any lingering flames inside the facility.
“A search was conducted for fire extension, and smoke was evacuated,” he said.
Lee also noted that it was the plant’s sprinkler system that kept the fire from spreading throughout the building.
In addition, mill operations were not affected in the incident, which caused minimal damage and no smoke damage, fire officials said.
In August 2011, more than 50 firefighters from across the county responded to the plant to extinguish a large-scale fire contained to the facility’s “Finishing Room.” A couple of employees suffered smoke inhalation in the incident and had to be treated by emergency medical services, authorities said.
Despite multiple interviews with plant employees, police said they remain empty-handed when it comes to a person of interest in the case.
While there have been three fires at the plant since September 2010, fire officials are not alarmed.
“This may sound like a lot,” Lee said, “but for a cotton mill this is not excessive.”
South Fork Volunteer Fire Department also responded to Sunday’s incident.

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