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Vandals not to blame at courthouse

Damage to the windows at the Lincoln County Courthouse is being blamed on deteriorating wood, which the county plans to restore.

Staff Writer

Anyone passing by the Lincoln County Courthouse may notice missing panes within the building’s two arc-shaped windows on both its east and west sides.
Lincoln County Clerk of Superior Court Fred Hatley told the Times-News Wednesday that he has received numerous enquiries about the state of the windows. However, there is no foul play involved, he said.
Instead, Hatley said the frames around the window panes have rotted and he has contacted maintenance staff to handle the situation. He was then informed that they would have to take bids for the replacement project.
County Public Works Director Burns Whittaker confirmed that the windows are to be replaced and that he already has the proposals in place to do so. Once County Manager George Wood signs off on them, which Whittaker said shouldn’t be a problem, the renovation can commence.
The estimated cost of the project is a little over $15,000, Whittaker said.
He also noted that Lincoln County Historical Association staff will be involved in restoring the windows, adding that they hope to reuse as much of the original glass as possible and will aid in rebuilding the rotted areas. Additionally, Whittaker said they plan to install wind stiffeners to further protect the frames’ structure.

Image courtesy of Nayeli Ramirez / LTN

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