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Criminal mischief in Lowesville getting deputies’ attention

Staff Writer


The Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate multiple instances of vandalism that have occurred this month in the county’s southeast corner, where several homes and vehicles have been egged.
Deputies said the most recent incidents occurred sometime between 1 a.m. and 2 p.m. Wednesday on Sifford Road, Pinkney Place, and Sedgebrook Road West, all located in Lowesville.
A person who had been driving through the area that morning reported the vandalism to authorities, a report said.
Deputies later located empty egg cartons along the side of a roadway close to where the acts had occurred. While area residents told authorities that the incidents had been taking place for a couple of weeks, they said that they had not spotted any suspicious activity or vehicles.
No residences or vehicles sustained permanent damage in any of the incidents, authorities said. An investigation is ongoing.

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