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Health Matters

Health Matters
Dr. Richard Byrne


McKay Urology and Carolinas Medical Center-Lincoln have partnered together to provide enhanced urological services in Lincoln County.
Dr. Richard Byrne joined the McKay Urology Lincolnton office in October 2010. The McKay Urology practice has been providing support and assistance to the Lincolnton location since January 2009. Lincolnton is fortunate to have Dr. Byrne join the McKay office at CMC-Lincoln providing a full time urological presence providing much needed new services.
CMC-Lincoln hospital administration and staff provide care for patients who require outpatient surgery, imaging, laboratory work, or hospitalization.
The Emergency Department staff at CMC-Lincoln is often the first encounter for the kidney stone patient and a referral source for McKay Urology. “The community physicians and nursing staff are highly capable, professional and focused on meeting patient needs,” said Dr. Byrne.
With an extensive background in the treatment of urologic malignancies, including kidney cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer and testis cancer, Dr. Byrne can diagnose and treat these conditions at CMC-Lincoln. He recently performed the first laparoscopic kidney removal at CMC-Lincoln.  He is able to surgically remove malignant growths from a patient’s bladder and has instituted a new bladder chemotherapy treatment for our community. Soon our new partner, the Levine Cancer Institute, will be able to provide an ever increasing level of care in Charlotte.
CMC-Lincoln is now able to provide treatment for all types of kidney stones.  Using small telescopes passed through the urinary tract, enable visualization of the entire urinary tract. Stones can be broken into smaller pieces using a laser and/or removed intact with a basket. Stones can also be treated with ESWL (lithotripsy.) Lithotripsy uses shockwave energy focused  on the stone(s) breaking them into small pieces which can then be spontaneously passed.  Larger, more complicated kidney stones can be removed by a percutaneous approach by a passing a telescope directly into the kidney to remove the stones with one procedure. Dr. Byrne has reintroduced this technique to CMC-Lincoln for the first time in many years. Post-operatively the McKay team works with their patients to diagnose the cause of kidney stones and reduce the risk of repeat stone formation.
One of the new services McKay Urology offers helps women experiencing bladder dysfunction, such as overactive bladder and urinary incontinence. They provide testing to identify the cause of any urinary leakage.  The treatment approach is individualized and may include lifestyle changes, medicinal treatment, pelvic floor and muscle physiotherapy, pelvic nerve stimulation and in some cases surgery.
McKay Urology works in conjunction with endocrinologist, Dr. Yared Gebregiorgis, to diagnose and treat males with decreased testosterone levels. Patients may be eligible for long-term testosterone implants.
Couples desiring birth control through vasectomy, can be treated in the office with local anesthesia.  Patients can return to work within two days and resume normal activities within ten days.
McKay’s partners in the Charlotte office are ready to provide care for the patient’s in need of more advanced treatments. Referral is quick and easily arranged through the CMC office in Lincolnton.  Patients treated in Charlotte often return to the Lincolnton office making follow up closer, and more convenient, to their homes and families.
McKay Urology and CMC-Lincoln have been able to provide new urological services locally.  Carolinas HealthCare System, CMC-Lincoln’s administration staff, nurses and physicians have collaborated to bring this specialty to Lincolnton. Dr. Byrne and McKay Urology welcome patients to their practice and looks forward to enhancing the urology services in Lincoln County. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact McKay Urology at 980-212-6200.
Dr. Richard Byrne is a urologist with McKay Urology at Carolinas Medical Center-Lincoln.

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