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Deputies: Drug sting leads to heroin bust

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After nearly three weeks of undercover work, Sheriff’s narcotics officers busted two Iron Station residents for heroin possession Monday night.
Angel Elizabeth Marie Moses, 22, of 6128 Nolen Acres Lane, and Joshua Lee Nolen, 27, of 6125 Nolen Acres Lane, have each been placed under a $20,000 secured bond.
Deputies apprehended the suspects’ red GMC truck at an area near N.C. 16 and N.C. 73, according to a Sheriff’s Office press release. The takedown occurred at an Arby’s parking lot.
In addition to seizing
3 grams of heroin, a little less than a trafficking amount, authorities said they confiscated brass knuckles, located in Moses’s purse, along with syringes and other types of drug paraphernalia found in the vehicle. Deputies seized more than $400 in cash from a third individual, who was not charged in the incident, a release said.
Both suspects currently remain behind bars. Moses faces one felony count of possession with the intent to manufacture, sell and deliver a schedule II controlled substance along with one misdemeanor count each of possession of drug paraphernalia and carrying a concealed weapon.
Nolen also faces misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia as well as one felony count of possession of a scheduled II controlled substance with the intent to manufacture.
Authorities noted that residents have issued complaints about drug activity in the county’s eastern end off and on for the last two months. Narcotics officers also revealed that heroin, in particular, has been on the rise.
According to Lt. Jason Reid, head of Narcotics, individuals are using major county highways, such as N.C. 16 and 73, to travel to Charlotte to purchase illegal drugs.
The North Carolina Department of Correction website showed that Moses has a criminal record in the county. In 2008, she was convicted of common law robbery, a felony offense, and sentenced to at least a year behind bars.
Authorities said they are continuing to monitor illegal drug activity in the area.

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