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Shame on fans who were bad sports

On Dec. 3, I went to Raleigh to the NCHAA 2a championship to watch the Lincolnton Wolves.
Even though they lost, all of Lincolnton should be proud of the way these young men represented their school and city.
At the end of the game, I and several others became quite angered by comments made by some fans. These so-called fans began to put the team and coaches down because they had lost. To make matters worse, these comments were made in the presence of the coaches’ families.
I have been a high school football official for 30 years and have been around a lot of teams in those years and I can tell you, Lincolnton High school is one of the classiest programs in the state of North Carolina.
It takes a lot of time, practice and sacrifice by the players and coaches to have a winning program. What people forget is the coaches families have to make that sacrifice, too. These men put in a lot of time and energy and are away from their loved ones from August to December.
The families don’t need to hear what I and others heard in Raleigh. Instead of vilifying and criticizing, they should have been proud of the way the players and coaches held their heads high and the way they represented their school and the city of Lincolnton. Coach Scott Cloninger, along with his dedicated staff and players should all be congratulated for the way they handled themselves in Raleigh.
The coaches have taught our players well. All of Lincolnton should be as proud as i am.
Mike Allred Sr.,


Thanks for great sports coverage

What great coverage of the Wolves football team!
I don’t have any children at any school in Lincoln County, but I love reading about all the happenings around town, especially about our local kids’ success stories. Friday’s special section in the LTN about the Wolves was wonderful.
Those kids played their hearts out and we should all be proud ot them. It’s great to see the community and local sponsors support them. This is why I will never give up my Lincoln Times-News.
I love all the stories about the school sports, the fundraiser breakfasts, the new businesses opening, and the arrests our local law enforcement agencies make.
Life is great in a small town and there is no better way to keep on top of it all than in our local newspaper. Keep it up, LTN!
Deborah Beck,
Iron Station

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