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More students knew about bomb threats?

Staff Writer
Authorities have said that a number of Lincoln Charter high school students may have previously been aware of bomb threats emailed to school officials earlier this month.
Sheriff’s Office investigators told the Times-News that they’ve conducted interviews with certain students who have revealed that the 15-year-old who’s been accused of emailing threats actually discussed his plans with other students prior to sending the threats.
Only one person has been officially charged at this time. The Lincoln Charter teen faces a class H felony for making bomb threats against an educational facility.
While authorities noted there’s always the possibly that more individuals could be charged in the future, they are fairly certain that no other charges will be filed in the case.
The teen, who’s currently in the custody of his parents, is accused of threatening all three LCS campuses on Nov. 30 and just the Denver high school campus on Dec. 2.
During the first incident, students and staff were evacuated and bused to nearby churches. School officials received the second email threat before school began, allowing buses to be re-routed.
FBI and ATF officials have aided the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office in investigating the incidents.

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