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DA won’t charge threat suspect as adult

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Juvenile authorities at the Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office have decided not to charge a 15-year-old Lincoln Charter School student as an adult regarding two bomb threats that he allegedly emailed to the school last week.
The teen, who for legal purposes has remained unnamed, has been charged with a class H felony for making bomb threats to an educational facility, according to Sheriff David Carpenter.
Carpenter noted his disappointment over the decision.
“It’s a sad day, and we will not proceed with any type of adult charges,” he said. “We tried; I’m still in favor of it.”
The suspect is currently in the custody of his parents, authorities said. While school officials have taken no official action in disciplining the student at this time, David Machado told the Times-News Tuesday afternoon that the teen has been asked to not return to the Denver high school campus he attended. School officials have also sent a letter to the teen’s parents, he said. Machado does anticipate that the school will take an official action against the student in the future.
The suspect is accused of threatening all three Lincoln Charter School campuses by email on last Wednesday, forcing school staff to evacuate students and close down the facilities for the day. School officials received a similar email threat before classes started on Friday morning. However, the email only targeted the Denver high school campus, school officials said. As a result, buses were re-routed that morning, and the campus was shutdown for the second time last week.
Carpenter said juvenile counselors are currently preparing for the court what is called a “juvenile petition.” He anticipates that the petition, which includes the stated charges, will be served to the teen sometime later today. The teen will then be given a date to appear in court, Carpenter said.
He praised school officials for their willingness to aid the Sheriff’s Office in the investigation.
“It wouldn’t have worked without their help,” he said.
Machado said the atmosphere at the three campuses has settled down since last week’s chaotic evacuations.
“Things are getting back down to normal,” he said.
The FBI and ATF officials aided Sheriff’s Office authorities in the investigation and in patrolling the facilities for bombs. No bombs were located.

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