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Teen suspected in bomb threats

Sheriff Carpenter hopes to have 15-year-old boy charged as an adult

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Deputies and school officials say they know who emailed two bomb threats to Lincoln Charter School last week.
Lincoln County Sheriff’s detectives plan to meet with juvenile authorities at the District Attorney’s Office today on whether or not charges will be pressed against a young teen accused of emailing bomb threats twice last week targeting Lincoln Charter School.
Due to his age, the suspect’s name has not been released and he cannot be kept in custody. But that may change.
Sheriff David Carpenter told the Times-News that he hopes to convince legal authorities to prosecute the 15-year-old Mecklenburg County resident as an adult.
He also said the male suspect attends Lincoln Charter School’s high school campus in Denver.
“I want everyone to know his name,” Carpenter said.
The suspect is accused of sending an email threat targeting all three charter school campuses on Wednesday and another one Friday morning that said a bomb would detonate at 8 a.m. at just the high school campus, authorities said.
The Sheriff’s Office sent out a press release Friday afternoon stating that both Lincoln Charter School officials and Crimestoppers were offering a $5,000 reward for any tips or information leading to the responsible person’s arrest and conviction.
Lt. Tim Johnson, head of Criminal Investigations, said that citizens’ cooperation with federal authorities aided local law enforcement in tracking down the suspect. Authorities are not releasing further details about the process through which they identified the suspect.
The Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit, a press release said, also conducted interviews over the weekend. Authorities met with the suspect and his parents and “secured confirming evidence used to send the threats.”
Following the first email threat, school officials evacuated staff and students and bused them to safe area locations. However, on Friday, bus routes were re-routed since school officials said they received the second email threat before classes even began.
Because the suspect is a juvenile, the law does not allow authorities to keep him in custody during the investigation. The teen has also not been formally charged at this time.
Carpenter revealed how he’s not fond of the fact that the suspect is “protected by certain rights” because he’s a juvenile.
“We hope to prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law,” he said.
In a press release sent to the Times-News last week, authorities additionally noted that the suspect could receive federal charges.
The FBI has been working with the Sheriff’s Office in an ongoing investigation.
ATF officials were also called in last week to assist in checking the three school facilities for weapons and patrolling the campuses for any other suspicious activity.
School officials emailed parents and staff Monday morning, notifying them about the suspect. They also praised local law enforcement for “their hard work and patience” during this “difficult process,” the email said.
All three Lincoln Charter School campuses are set to function on their normal schedules today.

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