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Schools evacuate after threat

Staff Writer
Scores of teachers and students were evacuated from all three campuses of Lincoln Charter School on Wednesday morning, after school officials received an email regarding a bomb threat.
Sheriff David Carpenter confirmed with the Times-News Wednesday morning that school officials at the two Denver campuses and Lincolnton campus were made aware of the threat by 8 a.m.
At time of publication, Carpenter had yet to read the email and was unsure about the specifics of the threat. He did note that the email stated that a threat would be imminent through the end of the week.
As of 9 a.m., no bombs had been located at any of the campuses, authorities said. While Carpenter said they are treating the incident as a “credible threat” and will be combing all three facilities before allowing anyone back inside the schools, he does not think the incident is any more significant than past threats.
“There’s just certain procedures that we have to follow,” he said.
Dave Machado, chief administrator of Lincoln Charter schools, agreed.
He also stated that it’s normal procedure to evacuate the students by normal bus routes and have parents pick up their children at a “pre-identified location.”
Machado added that he and other school officials were the ones who received the email this morning, which threatened the charter schools but didn’t specify which exact campus was the prime target.
The evacuation was concluded after school officials consulted with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, he said.
Students at the Lincoln Charter Lincolnton campus were bused across the street to St. Dorothy’s Catholic Church on N.C. 27 West.
Students at the two Denver campuses were taken to Lake Norman Lutheran Church, school officials said.
Carpenter pointed out that it’s now considered a felony offense to threaten an educational facility.
According to Dr. Matt Stover, Lincoln County Schools’ associate superintendent of human resources, no other schools in the county received a bomb threat Wednesday morning.

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