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Law enforcement watchful for thieves tarpeting copper

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The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners will conduct a public hearing regarding a leash law during tonight’s meeting.
Commissioners will also consider both a change order for the Airlie Park utility contract and a resolution for providing electronic listings of personal property for tax purposes at tonight’s meeting, among other items.
First on the agenda is the public hearing, a result of Lincoln County Animal Services receiving a request for the West Bay subdivision in Denver to be added to the county’s leash law, according to documents.
The area includes a total of 56 parcels, and a petition with 27 signatures — representing 30 parcels — has been submitted. This meets the required acceptance rate from residents within the subdivision to be included as part of the law.
Additionally, commissioners will weigh a change order request for the Airlie Park utility contract in the amount of $27,410. Part of the request is from Hydac Technology and involves the lowering of the sewer line by several feet to help reduce site costs. Hydac would provide $22,835, while the remaining costs are from items requested by the Public Works Department.
Overall, the cost of the project is roughly $391,000, with the grant amount being $482,575.
Also on the agenda, Lincoln County Manager George Wood will present a resolution for providing electronic listings and extending the time for filing electronic listings of business personal property. The North Carolina General Assembly passed a bill during the 2011 session that looks to facilitate this service.
Tax Administrator Madge Huffman, according to a memorandum she sent to Wood, recommends Tax Management Associates as the service provider “based on their lead in technology, experience, success and public promotions for this service.”
If commissioners approve the resolution with TMA, two payment plans will be offered. One is an annual service fee of $10,000, and the other option is a $14.95 charge per listing paid by the taxpayer.
Other items on tonight’s agenda include:
A request for approval of a veterinarian services contract and a spay and neuter voucher program will be presented.
A resolution for amending the drug and alcohol testing policy for Transportation Lincoln County (TLC) will be considered by commissioners.
A Historic Properties Commission request will be presented.
Commissioners will consider a Pathways rent waiver, as presented by Assistant County Manager Martha Lide.
A contract with Polaris Library Systems for the purchase of a software package will be weighed by commissioners.
The finance officer’s, county manager’s, county commissioners’, county attorney’s and register of deeds reports will be given.
The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. at the Citizens Center and is open to the public.

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