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Farmers market wraps up

Zoe Cloer (left) and younger brother Nathan taste vegetables and homemade desserts during the last day of the Farmers Market for this season.

Extension Agent says 2011 a successful year


Staff Writer


Saturday marked the final day of Lincoln County’s farmers markets. There was a good turnout at the Lincolnton Market on West Water Street as the year’s growing season came to a close.
Leigh Guth, Extension Agent for the N.C. Cooperative Extension in Lincolnton, said 2011 has been a very successful year for farmers and shoppers alike.
“We continue to see new farmers at the market each year,” Guth said. “This year, we’ve seen more variety in the early and later months of the growing season.”
Guth said shopping at the local farmers markets offers several advantages. “What you’re buying is much fresher because it was likely picked that day or the night before,”she said.
There are economic benefits to the county as well. “A dollar you spend with a farmer at the market is recycled back into the local economy, and that helps us all.”
Readers should be on the lookout for announcements of the markets’ reopening in the spring.
For more information on local farmers markets or the Cooperative Extension, call (704) 736-8452 or visit their offices at the Citizens Center, 115 W. Main St. in Lincolnton.

Image courtesy of Tennille Mullery / Special to LTN

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