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Three-county meeting to fill Senate vacancy

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A meeting has been scheduled to determine who will fill the vacant seat of the late N.C. Sen. Jim Forrester, R-Gaston, in the North Carolina General Assembly following his death on Oct. 31.
According to a memorandum sent from Robin Hayes, chair of the North Carolina Republican Party, to the party heads of Gaston, Lincoln and Iredell counties, executive committee members residing within Forrester’s District 41 will meet on Monday, Nov. 28 to decide on a replacement.
The meeting, set for 7 p.m. at the East Lincoln Fire Department on N.C. 73 in Lowesville, will include nominations from the floor and a vote by committee members.
Additionally, the memorandum states that “because the district consists of more than one county, the vote will be weighted based on the number of residents per county within the district.” The population figures will be taken from the 2010 Census and from redistricting information from the general assembly.
Iredell County has the highest population in the district, with Gaston County having the lowest and, therefore, the smallest share of the vote.
Wayne King, vice chair of the N.C. Republican Party, alerted the Times-News about the meeting and said on Thursday that he wasn’t sure who was being considered for the seat, but he did say that a replacement would definitely be decided on that night.

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