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Lincoln consulting group encourages business investment in Brazil

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A Denver-based consulting group is part of an international effort to encourage domestic companies to explore business opportunities with Brazil.
No Borders Consulting Group, headed by president and CEO Reinaldo Panico Peres, is partnering with AmCham of Sao Paulo, Brazil, to present a seminar entitled “How to Do Business in Brazil.”
The program, which is Monday from 8:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. at the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, is the first of three such events nationwide, according to a news release announcing the event.
Peres, a native of Sao Paulo, told the Times-News on Thursday that he started the company 18 months ago in hopes of making good use of his connections both domestically and in Brazil.
He also emphasized that Brazil’s economy, as the seventh largest in the world, is growing rapidly at a rate twice as fast as the U.S. economy, and its gross domestic product is a little more than $2 trillion.
Peres said his company helps U.S. companies who may be unable to find customers domestically find them in Brazil.
Also, through its Greenfield Projects, No Borders helps Brazilian companies set up manufacturing or distribution plants in America and vice versa.

The Charlotte seminar is serving as the kickoff program prior to events in Houston, Texas, and Miami, Fla., all of which have the goal of fostering a business relationship between the United States and Brazil.
Peres sought the involvement of several Charlotte organizations to sign on as supporters, in addition to the Lincoln Economic Development Association.
The release states that AmCham approached No Borders to participate in hosting the event “because of the company’s successful visit to Sao Paulo with a North Carolina delegation, which included the North Carolina Secretary of Commerce and the Charlotte Regional Partnership, among other delegates.”
The visit’s intended purpose was to promote the state and the Charlotte region, and it resulted in two Brazilian companies now finalizing site selections in the Charlotte area.
It was announced Wednesday that Mauro Vieira, Brazilian ambassador to the United States, will give the opening remarks at the seminar. Presentations will be given by both No Borders and AmCham, as well as by the Sao Paulo State Promotional Agency and Machado Meyer, a law firm from Sao Paulo.
“Trade between Brazil and the United States has averaged $60 billion a year in the last four years and continues to be a hot spot for entrepreneurship and business expansions,” Peres said in the release.
“Not only is Brazil a smart business opportunity because it is close to the U.S. geographically, it is also closer culturally than the top-three fastest growing economies in the world, which include Russia, India and China,” he continued.
Peres, who is also the executive vice president of Sabo USA in Lincolnton, has more than 27 years of experience in international business ventures.
He founded the North Carolina chapter of the Brazilian and American Chamber of Commerce – Southeast (BACC-SE) in 2010.

Additionally, in March 2011, Peres was invited to participate in the U.S.-Brazil Executive Summit that took place during President Barack Obama’s visit to the area, which he said he was “honored to be a part of.”
“It was an exciting trip,” he said.

Listed as his vision in establishing his consulting firm is the goal of helping “businesses understand that doing business internationally is not just multilingual, but multicultural — requiring expertise and knowledge that can eliminate borders and create economic opportunities.”

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