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Readers Forum for November 4, 2011


Keep fine city leadership in place


I have lived in communities from Maine to Louisiana and nowhere have I found city services to compare with Lincolnton’s.

Our garbage and recyclables are picked up once a week like clockwork.  Our streets are vacuumed and washed.  We do not have to cut and bundle yard waste like in most places, just pile it on the curb and the jaws truck picks it up (never seen one of those before).  Power is restored in a timely manner after a storm.

A public works employee went out of his way to develop a solution for a streetlight that glared into my bedroom window by taping the side that faced my house.  They are all very polite.  The garbage truck will wait if you run up with another bag.

If taxes are lowered, these services will be the first to be cut.  Lincolnton is a very well run community.  Let’s keep it that way.

Allen Hubbard,



Don’t fail to vote for right people on Nov. 8


I would like to stress the importance of this City election in relation to what is happening state and nationwide.

This election will set the tone to what could happen in 2012. As our state, nation, and also our city struggle to get a grip on our sluggish economy, only the most conservative mindset can help put us on strong fiscal footing.

Understandably, the main thought of most people is that the economy is mostly controlled by federal or state government. While they do play a major role, our local government sets the tone for which local business can flourish.

Can we afford to take a step back with tax and spend mindset?

One candidate for Mayor has already gone on record saying she is not in favor of lowering taxes. Is this the type of leadership we need during these economic times?

I am proud to support three conservative candidates that will bring our City budget in line with the economic times and offer fiscally responsible ideas without cutting any services.

Do you typically only vote in a general election involving the Office of President?

This election is just as important, so please invoke your right – or some may say your duty – and vote on November 8th.

I hope you will join me in supporting John Gilleland for Mayor along with Tim Shain and Sam Ausband for City Council. With these three, we can be assured our City will be in the best hands.

Bradley Putnam,



Re-elect John Gilleland as Lincolnton mayor


November 8th is Election Day.  Once again we have an opportunity to select the leaders of our community and the leaders we select will affect our lives for the next two to four years.  In these hard economic times, we need a united city council which has Lincolnton’s residents and employees as the top propriety when voting on issues concerning our beautiful city.

Mayor John Gilleland has done an excellent job representing the citizens of Lincolnton over the last two years.  He ensures he has all the information and view points before making a decision on tie votes.  I truly believe Mayor Gilleland cast his votes based on nothing less than what’s best for Lincolnton.

Mayor Gilleland is running on a platform as having integrity, honesty, trustworthiness and respectfulness towards all people.  He demonstrates these attributes on a daily basis with each person in which he comes in contact.  His dedication to God, family and community come naturally in every aspect of his life.

I am looking forward to a new and united city council which will have only the best interest of Lincolnton’s citizens and a betterment of our community at heart.  That’s what I will be voting for on Tuesday, November 8th.  Re-elect John Gilleland for Mayor of Lincolnton.  Please vote.

Mary Ann Eaddy,


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