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Reader’s Forum for Oct. 26, 2011

Thanks for advance article on park naming


I wanted to personally say thank you for the excellent article published on Oct. 14 concerning the Cherryville Skatepark holding a memorial in honor of Andy Hovis on Oct. 15.

I appreciate the Lincoln Times-News publishing this article even though Cherryville is not officially in Lincoln County.

If the article had not been published, I would not have found out about the memorial and great work by the people of Cherryville and the Hovis family themselves.

During the memorial, the Cherryville Skatepark was officially named after Andy Hovis, who lost his life last year in a car accident.

One take-home message was learning about the A.N.D.Y. card (All people Need contacts Do not depend on Your cell phone)  that Andy’s mom and dad created. Probably like many others, I too thought if you had all your contacts in your cell phone that you were set.

After hearing Mrs. Hovis talk, I learned that Andy’s cell phone was not found until four days later and it was roughly five hours and several surgeries later that she and her husband learned about Andy’s accident.

Again, the Lincoln Times-News helped educate the citizens of Lincoln County with very practical information.

Lynne Bivens,


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