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Readers Forum for Oct. 21, 2011


Why the Last Man Club was formed


I formed the Last Man Club of WWII Veterans of Lincoln County in November 2010. We meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 11 a.m. at Ryan’s in Lincolnton.

The club is started off each month with an appointed speaker. We always seem to have a good crowd. I am proud to honor the World War II veterans because we are the greatest generation in America. If you meet or see a WWII veteran, thank them for their service. We fought to keep us free. We all did it to save America, the land that we love.

I have 60 member signed up now. I hope we can get everyone in Lincoln County to join. Each veteran can share their stories and pictures of the experience. It’s not just the men but the women can join also. Family members of the veterans can attend with them. The Last Man Club goes back in history and the club has by-laws that are used.

It was an honor to have 22 WWII veterans participating in the Fourth of July parade. I would like to thank the ones that brought together 12 convertibles for a great presentation in the parade.

It would be wonderful to have twice as many in the next Fourth of July parade. The next upcoming parade is the Veterans Day parade on November 11. This is our time to shine for America.

I started a year ago writing to Senator Richard Burr about dental care for veterans. Senator Burr has been working with President Obama on the issue. President Obama has signed a bill into law and Congress has approved it, but now it is stalled in the system. I would like for all veterans to give Senator Burr a call and express their problems. You can reach N. C. Senator Burr by calling 1-202-224-3154. I personally know veterans who have received two Purple Hearts who cannot qualify for dental work.

I believe that August 14, 1945 should be recognized as a great day for America. On this day, WWII ended.

The Last Man Club has a bottle of champagne waiting to be given to the last living veteran of WWII in Lincoln County.

James H. Leatherman,


Newbold thanks all for scholarship help


The Newbold Executive Committee thanks you for your contributions to our scholarship funds. We also thank everyone who played a part in our celebration on Sept. 4-5, 2011.

Ada Derr,


Don’t be fooled by Republicans


Since the Republicans accuse President Obama of making his trip to North Carolina and Virginia a re-election campaign. What are we supposed to call the increase is over Social Security Benefits. Is this a move to get the congressional candidate re-elected?

Since we have not had an increase in two years, the 3½ percent increase really amounts to only slightly over one percent. This will be enough for me to halve the cost of one of my four over-the-counter medications I take.

I wonder how much our national debt would be decreased if all the national officials gave up their benefits. I bet we would be astounded to see the benefits.

Guy McIntosh,


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