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Going back over their steps

[Seth Mabry/Lincoln Times-News]

Chris Laws, left, and Chino Gomez of Steelcon in Granite Falls use jackhammers to bust up the patio Thursday in front of the Citizens Center.


After opening to the public just last month, the new front steps and patio at the Citizens Center are under construction again.

Burns Whittaker, director of the Lincoln County Public Works Department, told the Times-News on Thursday that the slab was being torn out after the original was deemed unacceptable.

“The stain didn’t penetrate, and it started coming up,” he said.

Whittaker said the work done before did not meet the county’s specifications, so the finishing architect recommended taking it out and starting over as the best method.

Whittaker added that the slab should be out sometime today, with a plan to repour the concrete early next week. Though he said there isn’t a definite time frame, he hopes to see the patio reopen within the next week.

He said there will be few events taking place at the Citizens Center during that time, which should allow the work to be finished.

“Hopefully it will work this time around,” Whittaker said.

He pointed out that the additional construction isn’t costing the county anything, since it is still part of the original contract.

The Times-News previously reported in September that work on the new front patio was wrapping up just in time for the Apple Festival after a few months of renovations, though some minor work remained.

Whittaker doesn’t think the unsatisfactory state of the original work was a result of the construction being rushed.

Hickory Construction Company was the low bidder for the project, with a base bid of $207,000. Included in the contract was the repairing and repaving of the northwest corner of the Citizens Center parking lot.

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