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Supplier to join Main Filter in Lincolnton

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners approved an industrial incentive grant agreement at Monday night’s meeting that could bring a startup company to Lincolnton.

The industry, named Technical Parts Manufacturing, would complement and supply Main Filter and prevent the company from outsourcing to another state.

It would also be sharing the former Doug Herbert Performance Parts facility on East Gaston Street in Lincolnton that the Canada-based company recently acquired. The site will undergo renovations and installations of equipment and machinery.

Main Filter, which manufactures industrial hydraulic filters, announced earlier this month that it will be opening a plant in Lincolnton after surveying the county for existing facilities.

It will make an initial investment of $2 million in equipment and machinery and provide 20 jobs — increasing to 100 over a period of five years — that pay average weekly wages of $600.

Crystal Gettys of the Lincoln Economic Development Association presented the grant agreement with Technical Parts Manufacturing, which was subsequently passed unanimously by county commissioners.

According to the document, the subsidiary company would provide at least six new jobs paying average weekly wages of $500 and make an investment in building and equipment of $2,500,000 within two years. The county would provide cash grants of $6,802.25 per year for a five-year period.

In other local industry news, Kara Brown of LEDA presented an existing industry grant agreement with Sennebogen, which manufactures material-handling equipment.

The company is looking to expand its facility in Lincoln County and install new equipment after experiencing significant growth. The expansion would result in at least three new jobs that pay, on average, $680 a week within two years.

Commissioners unanimously signed off on that agreement, as well.

SARAH LOWERY, Staff Writer

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