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Letter: Commissioners should be elected by district


The question of district and nondistrict voting is lingering in the shadows of the next election.

One can read the diverse opinions regarding the good and bad points, but I cannot believe an individual living in one end of Lincoln County can adequately and fairly judge what is best for the other.

An individual must live in the area and at its doorsteps to justly and impartially evaluate its needs.

I agree that only the most qualified individuals should serve as elected officials.  Serving in this capacity is a very demanding responsibility and my heart goes out to all who serve.  They are virtually sacrificing themselves to the service of Lincoln County and those of us living within its boundaries.

I can speak with some authority as I served as an elected official for 15 years. This is a difficult position to hold and I commend all who commit themselves to serve.

The Boston Tea Party is a great example of a response to unfair taxation without representation.

Taxation without representation is the issue.

Distance can make an enormous difference when determining needs of a community, along with equal and fair representation. I view our current situation the same as absentee ownership.

The representative does not walk the path of the community and does not see the needs firsthand.

Having voting districts is the only fair method to govern a diverse county. The districts should be determined by population, equally balanced. The Board of Education will soon have balanced voting districts, the City of Lincolnton has wards and Lincoln County has … well, they need districts for unbiased governing.

I believe the subject of districting must be given birth from the grass-roots level until the message is heard loud and clear.

By way of this written opinion I am offering to set the stage: the seed has been planted. Unless districts are put in place, Lincoln County will always be subjected to a disproportionate level of fairness and equality will always be in question.

My message is clear, straight forward. We need voting districts.

What are your thoughts?

Don Ballard,


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